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Create an explainer video, never lose a customer’s time and attention again.

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Animated explainer videos are magnet visual content that

tells your story with less time in the human way

Our ancestors comunicated with drawings, we’ve actually written for only about 5,000 years. The human brain converts text back to pictures to understand the message – this process results in losing time and attention. In the decade in which time and attention are scarce, companies can’t afford that. Animated explainer videos are modern way to get customer’s time and attention.

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 Your  input, and  getting the product that you  want, is 
essential  and  you need to  be involved  in  that  process. 
I was  very  happy to  be involved in the process and  get 
the  feedback  and the  changes that  we needed  done in 
an efficient manner. 

I would highly recommend  the  folks at  MyeVideo  and 
Tony. They've done a great job for us.

Philip Johnson

Founder and Chief Executive Officer for AccuCOMP USA

 I   was   thoroughly   impressed   by  their  product   and 
also by  their  customer  service.  They helped us through
every  stage  of   the  process - from  script  production  to
voice over  and animation, and  would turn our  changes
around, you know, within minutes.
So,  if  you're out  there kind of  looking  for  a  way  to  be
able   to  promote  a  new  product   that   you're  working
on, I would highly suggest looking at MyeVideo.

Mike Godsey

SVP of market development at Experient

 I  was  just  very  impressed  with  the  people  we  were
working  with there. They were very clear, very  profes-
sional.    Um . . .    Deadlines    were    met.   They   worked
around the clock  for  us since we  were  on a  very  tight
deadline,  and just in  general,  they  were charming and
respectful, and they did a relly good job.
So  as  soon  as  I  have another  video project to work on,
I will definitely be calling MyeVideo. 

Holly Hagerman

Founder and the Lead Strategist at Green Rising Marketing



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explainer video production

We have THE BEST CUSTOMER SATISFACTION RATE in the industry because we don’t stop working unless you’re 100% SATISFIED. We call it our GO HAPPY PAY program.

Here’s how it works:

Video production Video production is split into five stages. Script, voice over, storyboard, illustration & animation. At each stage, we’ll GO and get to work.


100% HAPPY BE AS PICKY AS YOU WANT! We do unlimited revisions, the stage is done only when you’re 100% HAPPY!


Perfect video Then, and only then, you PAY for that stage. That’s when we move on. In the end, YOU HAVE A PERFECT VIDEO THAT’S JUST THE WAY YOU WANT IT.