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We have the best customer satisfaction rate in the industry because we don’t stop working unless you’re 100% satisfied. We call it our Go, Happy, Pay Program.
Here’s how it works. Video production is split into five stages. At each stage, we’ll GO and get to work, and the stage is done when you’re HAPPY. Then, and only then, do you PAY for that stage. Then we move on to the next stage. In the end, you’ll have a perfect video that’s just the way you want it.

As you know each job is different, and it requires a custom evaluation quote. However, our prices range from $1500 to $2900 per minute of production (turn key production). We do need more information so we could provide you with the lowest price possible.Call now and reserve a time that suits you for your 20 minute free consultation.

Animated explainer videos are being used more and more on the internet. They attract a lot more audience than just text or other classic presentations because they offer simplified and attractive content which relates the message to viewers quickly while keeping their attention. Another reason for the growing popularity of animated explainer videos over classic product presentation is that people are just overflown with the amount of information in today’s modern world. Their brains do not register anything that does not capture their interest. So, you need something that quickly captures the attention of the viewers and explains your product during that short amount of time. Explainer videos are the perfect marketing tool which can be incorporated in all aspects of your business and which you can use over and over again. It does the work for you.

Each business, no matter how small or big, can use explainer videos. It does not matter if you provide a service, sell products, or do marketing, if you are an author, teacher, investor, or just a person with an idea that you want to share with the rest of the world.Explainer videos can make your message reach your audience. When using explainer videos, the size of your company does not matter. Smaller businesses can effectively use explainer videos and sometimes reach a wider audience than a big company using old fashioned communication ways. In other words explainer videos are for everyone and no matter who you are they can and will help you boost your business and increase your market share.

Explainer videos are considered to be the best introduction tool because they quickly capture the attention of your audience, while relating and explaining your message in a fun, interesting and engaging way. They are fast, entertaining and always leave a good impression. Today’s research states that you only have 53 seconds to capture the interest of people who visit your website or business. With explainer videos, only 7 seconds is enough, because their dynamic entices the viewers to watch it through to the end. An explainer video gives plenty of time (1-3 min) to introduce your business and convey your message in a way that appeals to the audience.

A good explainer video will help you introduce your products and services in the best way and in some cases it can help you double the number of sales and improve your return on investment dramatically. A recent BBC research shows that when sight and sound are combined, information retention is doubled. Internet Retailer reports that shoppers who viewed video on Stacks and Stacks product pages were 144% more likely to add a product to cart than other shoppers (Internet Retailer, March 2011). Retail site visitors, who watch the video, stay two minutes longer on average and are 64% more likely to purchase than other site visitors (Comscore, August 2010). Explainer videos have also helped business owners bring a clear picture of their products and services in front of their prospective clients. Think about it. If one picture is worth 1000 words, how much is 60 second of video worth?

A video presentation can contain all your marketing skills and energy crafted into the perfect sales pitch. You invest in it only once and you are able to use it for years to come. An explainer video is never late to an appointment, and it can have a fun and motivational personality that does not get affected by everyday challenges. It will always present you and your business in the way that you intended and it will never forget important points or add unrealistic promises. An explainer video does not need to drive your company car or pay its gas or even be liable for its actions. It is appealing to the customers because it does not invade their time, space, or privacy. Actually, customers can watch the explainer video at any time they like andany place they like, in the office, on the go or even in the bedroom.

Creation of an animated explainer video starts with careful planning. In planning we prioritize the stages, objectives, clarify the message and develop an idea of how it needs to flow. Scripting, copywriting and sketching a storyboard is the next part. This is probably the most important part of the creation of the video because the graphics capture the audience but the script relates the message and sells your product. After approval of the script and storyboard, graphic design takes over. Design, animation, music and sound effect are incorporated with the guidance of the creative director who makes sure that the whole video focuses on delivering the message in the right way. Professional voiceover is very important, in any language you wish to use in your video. After this, the whole team comes together and performs final tweaks on the final version making it ready for client approval.