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4 Ways that Explainer Videos Turbocharge Your Website


Everyone has seen a video on the Web.  Heck, the Web is practically made of videos.  But we’re not just talking about viral clips of Charlie biting his big brother over and over again.  No!  Businesses create videos as well.  And if businesses are doing it, they must be getting a return on their investment, right?


Below are four ways that an explainer video can turbocharge your website and business online.  Because of these benefits, among others, an online video is standard on any business’s website.  And we’re not just saying that because we make explainer videos (*cough* contactushereifyouwantone *cough*).

We’re saying it because it’s true!  How?  Well:

#1: Videos boost conversions

videoIt’s that simple.

If you have a video on your site, you’ll get more leads and more interest in your products or services.  On retail sites, the boost in certain cases is up to 30%.  And others have found that those visitors that view explainer videos are 85% more likely to buy!

Create an explainer video, book more sales.

We could really stop the blog post here, but let’s talk about a few more side benefits.

#2: Visitors who view an explainer video stay onsite two minutes longer on average

If you’re having trouble keeping visitors on your site long enough to get them interested, a video will almost always help.  Video is interesting, engaging, and captivates attention.  Then, after a visitor has seen the video, they’ll be better informed and more likely to purchase from you.

A lot of selling is gaining familiarity with your offerings.  A video keeps people around long enough to get familiar and warm up to the idea of buying.

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#3:  Explainer videos can boost your SEO page rank

In the weird and mystical world of SEO, the goal is always to crack the top listings on the front page.  And if you look at the biggest links for many searches, you’ll find that they often have something in common – well-optimized videos embedded on pages.  SEO requires that you bring together many factors in just the right way to climb the ranks.  But one thing is clear:

Video is part of a winning strategy.

#4: Video is oh-so sharable

Your sales brochure may be pretty, but a video link is a lot more likely to be shared.  When you want to explain your business or make it easy for others to clue their network in, a video link is often the quickest way to do it.  Get a nice video posted, and it becomes that much easier to spread the word.


If your website and online business are struggling, a video is a great way to help turn things around.  If you’re already doing well, a video can help take your business to the next level. The Internet is a highly visual medium.  Make sure that your business is using the best visual tool around:


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