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5 Things to Consider Before Starting Your Next Video


Digital video advertising is taking over by storm. That’s a fact. According to eMarketer, digital video ad spending will increase 41.9% this year, and TV budgets Nielsen + the IAB recommend moving to online video to increase reach and reduce costs.

5 Things to Consider Before Your Next Video

Here is a quick guide on 5 things to consider before starting your next video marketing campaign.

1. Purpose

You never want to start a campaign without a plan just because you can. If you’re into saving time and money, map out what you want to achieve with the video. You know your business best, and you know what its goal should be. Figure out what the overall message and main takeaway are, then look for reliable professionals who will transform your thoughts into a cohesive and high quality video.

2. Production

This might seem like the most difficult part of the process. And let’s face it, it probably is. On the other hand, if you weigh all your options carefully and pick a great video production company – it doesn’t have to be.

  • Style

With so many styles to choose from, how will you know which one suits your company and brand? There are many factors to consider here, and your project manager will take you through them step by step. But just to name a few: 2D animation, whiteboard, tutorial, storyline, audience, tone…5 Things to Consider Before Your Next Video

  • Length

People’s attention spans are dwindling down at alarming rates. If you don’t grab them within the first 10 seconds of the video, you can bet they won’t watch the whole thing. A preferred length of an explainer video is between 60 and 120 seconds – hitting the perfect, and most commonly used, length at 90 seconds. However, a video can be longer if it is, for example, made for internal purposes and the viewers are informed prior to watching that they are expected to see a, let’s say, 8 minute video.

  • Audience

Carefully take into consideration who your audience is. This ties in with the planning of the video’s purpose. Are you showing it to your current and potential customers? Or maybe business partners, employees? Your audience is a key factor in video production. After all, you’re not making the video for yourself. You’re making it for them.

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3. Deadline

Like it or not, video production takes time. What’s more, quality takes time. Depending on the complexity of your project, production time can last between 4 and 8 weeks. And this is just the production time – not counting the time it takes you to revise each production stage. With this in mind, make sure to set a realistic deadline and inform your project manager of it at the very beginning of the production process.

4. Number of videos

If you have a big story to tell with lots of information, cut it up into smaller pieces and consider making a series of videos. Cramming too much information into one video will make it less effective. Viewers won’t be able to remember much, and they are likely to abandon watching it. A long video is just too much. Instead of simplifying, it makes everything more complicated.

5. Budget

5 Things to Consider Before Your Next VideoVideos can be expensive and prices can vary significantly from one video production company to the next. Set a budget and then do some research to find out which company offers the best terms. Some base their pricing on design and animation complexity, while other on the length of the video. Keep in mind that this is an investment.

As digital media is rapidly growing, small and big companies alike should be investing more. Digital video marketing is highly effective and it is the future we live in. In today’s fast paced world where attention spans dramatically decrease with each passing day, brands need to make sure that they are making an impact.

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