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6 Ways Explainer Video Can Help Your IT Company Increase Revenue in 2016


Have you jumped on the explainer video bandwagon yet? With 69 % of businesses already using video promotion in their campaigns, and another 31% planning on using them, it looks like that bandwagon is heading straight for the future of marketing. “That’s all fine and dandy”, you might say, “but what it is exactly that makes explainer video for IT companies so great?” The short answer is: everything! For the longer one, keep reading and learn all about 6 solid ways explainer videos help IT companies increase revenue.

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02 7 Ways Explainer Video Can Help Your IT Company Increase Revenue in 2016 1. Increased conversion ratesExplainer videos have proved time and again to be one of the most effective ways to drive website conversion rates through the roof. According to research by Unbounce, using an explainer video can increase conversion rates by 20%, while another case study showed the percentage to be even higher – up to 34% increase in conversion rates. Given that the human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than textual content, it comes as no surprise that an engaging explainer video has the power to turn a passive viewer of your IT products or services into a regular customer in a matter of seconds.
2. Perfect business pitchThe ability to explain your IT business very quickly is a telltale sign that a marketing strategy is working. Would-be customers don’t want to read an in-depth analysis of your business just to find out if you offer the kind of service they’re looking for, which is why explainer videos are an ideal medium to pitch your business to your target audience succinctly and effectively. But that’s not all. A Forbes study showed that 75% of senior executives watch business-related videos regularly, which means that a great explainer video can attract not just customers but potential business partners as well. 03 6 Ways Explainer Video Can Help Your IT Company Increase Revenue in 2016
04 6 Ways Explainer Video Can Help Your IT Company Increase Revenue in 2016 3. Extended audience reachIn 2014, video content accounted for 64% of all global consumer internet traffic, but by 2019 that number will rise to an incredible 80%. An average internet user is a multi-tasker, has a limited attention span, seeks out information that is equally entertaining and informative, and loves content that provokes an emotional response. Is it any wonder then that explainer videos are so popular, especially in the IT sector?  Explainer videos meet the vital needs of the internet audience better than text or graphics-based content alone, which directly translates into a wider audience reach and an increased chance  of your video promotion going viral.
4. Better understanding of your IT customer needsWant to build a strong relationship with your target audience? Then keep in mind that customers are more than statistical data. To truly understand your customers’ needs, you need the kind of content that resonates with the audience and creates high engagement levels. In other words, you need explainer videos. Video promotion is much more likely to invite audience engagement than a piece of writing. Specifically, customers are 36% more likely to comments, 39% more likely to share, and 56% more likely to hit the ‘like’ button on a video than on an online article. The personable style of explainer videos can help you tap into your consumers’ needs and gain a better understanding of their online habits. 05 6 Ways Explainer Video Can Help Your IT Company Increase Revenue in 2016
06 6 Ways Explainer Video Can Help Your IT Company Increase Revenue in 2016 5. Better Google ranking of your IT companyThe first-page of Google search results is every marketer’s dream-come-true. In 2013, Google introduced a new algorithm, nicknamed Hummingbird, which offers results based on the form and the context of the question, rather than on specific keywords. Since explainer videos are designed to directly address customer’s needs and offer solutions in a very short time slot, this means that websites with integrated videos are now about 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of the search engine results than textual content alone.
6. Improved mobile marketingAn effective mobile strategy of your IT company is based on simplicity and precision. Since explainer videos are usually less than a minute long and offer valuable information while keeping the viewer engaged, they fit right in the world of mobile marketing. Given that by 2016 mobile devices will account for 53 percent of all internet traffic, marketers should not miss out on a chance to optimize explainer videos for mobile device viewing. Explainer videos are an ideal way to connect with busy mobile users who are always on the go, and as such should be a go-to marketing tool for everyone who is looking to cater to a wider demographic. 07 6 Ways Explainer Video Can Help Your IT Company Increase Revenue in 2016

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