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How 3 Different IT Companies Use Video to Stand Out in the Marketplace

Discover how 3 different IT Companies are using animated explainer videos to showcase products and services along with generating more business.

In 2016, video is becoming all but mandatory for IT companies looking to showcase their products and services or generate more business.

Consider these statistics:

  • 55% of people watch videos every day.
  • 78% of people watch videos online every week.
  • Using the word “video” in an email subject line increases open rates by 19%, boosts click-through-rate by 65%, and reduces unsubscribes by 26%.
  • 52% of marketers believe that video marketing is effective for brand awareness, lead generation (45%), and online engagement (42%).
  • According to Forbes, more than 80% of surveyed senior executives watch more online video today than they did a year ago.
  • 75% of senior executives watch work-related videos at least on a weekly basis, and 54% share work-related videos with their colleagues at least weekly.
  • 59% of senior executives also agree that they would prefer to watch videos if both text and video are available on the same topic on the same page.
  • 96% of B2B companies are planning to use video in their content marketing over the next 12 months.

So what goes into creating a killer video to help your IT company differentiate itself in the marketplace and with customers and clients alike?

Below are 3 different examples of IT company videos that we’ve worked on with clients. Each one is unique, and as you scan through them you’ll see different patterns, trends and ideas that you can pick up on and make your own!

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VIDEO 1: Smartwave
In this video Smartwave wanted to showcase their process management tool. Here’s how it looks:

VIDEO 2: Gladinet

Gladinet is a company that understand just how important it is that a video is focused on one idea so they made a series of videos to explain different things. In this one Gladinet explains their cloud enabled file syncing and sharing platform. Here’s how it looks:

VIDEO 3: eQuest

Here eQuest wanted to present their work order management and quality control inspection platform. Take a look:

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See How Video Is Enhancing These Energy Companies’ Marketing Approaches

2016 is huge for the video! Consider this piece of information: according to a forecast produced by Cisco, video will account for 80 percent of all Internet traffic in 2019!

So, if you’re still wondering what all this buzz about explainer videos is, we’re here to tell you – they kick ass!

Take a look at these facts:

  1. 1 video = 1.8 Million
    Words Research shows that one video equals 1.8 million words! This means that using explainer videos as a part of your marketing strategy is essentially a way of compressing pages upon pages of text into short, consumer-appealing format.
  2. Video attracts website traffic
    It can be challenging to explain your business to your target audience in a way that will drum up user interest and attract new visitors. There’s little attention-grabbing potential in merely listing your services in text form, and nothing particularly ground-breaking in using only graphics on your landing page. Video, however, can send your website traffic through the roof! Did you know that US adults spend over 5 hours every day watching videos?
  3. High conversion rate
    People are more likely to click on a call-to- action that’s part of a video than the one next to an article or a graphic. Hard to believe, but true nevertheless – a clever explainer video can increase purchase intent by a whopping 97%!
  4. It will up your Google rank
    Explainer videos are made with the target audience in mind. Their content is tailored to closely match the consumer inquiries and provide quick answers, which directly translates into a higher search engine ranking. Websites with indexed explainer videos are 53 times more likely to show up on first page of Google search results than those that rely solely on text and graphics.

Below are 3 different examples of oil and energy company videos. Two of which we developed with our clients.

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VIDEO 1: IDT Energy

In this video IDT Energy wanted to showcase their service. Here’s how it looks:

VIDEO 2: Fuelled

Fuelled is a company that understands the power of video. They are an Energy Community who procure and purchase products, services and technologies. In this video, Fuelled explains what they do. Take a look at it:

VIDEO 3: Exxon Mobil

This is an explainer video made by Exxon Mobil, international oil and gas company, explaining the outlook for Energy. They wanted to present what the world will look like in 2040 and beyond. Here wanted to present their work order management and quality control inspection platform. Take a look:


If you’d like to learn more about explainer videos, go ahead and download our ebook!

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Why Is Video Taking Over These 3 Medical Service Companies’ Marketing Strategies?

With 55% of people watching videos every day, no wonder that in 2016 video is becoming all but mandatory for IT companies looking to showcase their products and services or generate more business.

Here are 5 reasons why your business needs explainer video:

  1. Let’s be crystal clear: Clarifying your business’s work and product information is paramount. A survey by Video Rascal showed that 85% of people buy a product after watching a video about it.
  2. A friendly introduction: People want to know who is on the other side of the line when doing business. They want to see a friendly face! So show yourself to them with the help of a neat explainer video.
  3. Viral videos: Videos are very easily shareable and have an extremely high probability of going viral.
  4. Improved SEO: SEO (Search engine optimization) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website in a search engine’s unpaid results. Google ranks websites with video way higher than ordinary text.
  5. Increased click-through rate: Embedding video content in introductory e-mails increases click-through rates all the way up to 96%. Moreover, video embedding reduces subscriber opt-outs by an amazing 75%. Now that’s something!

Below are 3 different examples of company videos promoting medical services that we’ve worked on with clients. Each one is unique, and as you scan through them you’ll see different patterns, trends and ideas that you can pick up on and make your own!

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Video 1: Here is video we made for Evive Health that explains their services in helping people take action on their health.

Video 2: California Teachers Study explainer video for Medial study and research.

Video 3: Moore Clinical Research is conducting Clinical research study. Here is their explainer video.

If you’d like to learn more about explainer videos, go ahead and download our ebook!

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3 Examples of Killer Marketing Videos for Higher Education

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but 2016 is huge for video! Just consider these statistics:

  • 55% of people watch videos every day.
  • 78% of people watch videos online every week.
  • Using the word “video” in an email subject line increases open rates by 19%, boosts click-through-rate by 65%, and reduces unsubscribes by 26%.

There are many reasons and benefits in favor of the video content but here are 4:

  1. The typical attention span of a net surfer is less than one of a goldfish, 8 seconds, so you might not want to wait that long to introduce your topic;
  2. It qualifies leads immediately, so people will know either to stay or leave;
  3. Producing for a drop off effect means having a short, concise and entertaining video, with no bad parts as they were all cut out to save time;
  4. With a short video, you don’t lose time, and respect your audience’s time too.

However, keep in mind that, whatever video you make, it has to be top quality!

Take a look at explainer videos we at Myevideo produced for clients in the Higher Education Business:

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Video 1: Explainer video for Concordia University IT Bootcamp that offers a 12 week coding program.


Video 2: Emerson Educational Consulting is helping students get answers when choosing colleges. They are a knowledgeable guide.


Video 3: Penn Foster created a series of 3 videos, this one they explains their College.


If you’d like to learn more about explainer videos, go ahead and download our ebook!

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Why is Video the Missing Ingredient in Fundraising Campaigns?

Have you jumped on the explainer video bandwagon yet? With 69 % of businesses already using video promotion in their campaigns, and another 31% planning on using them, it looks like that

bandwagon is heading straight for the future of marketing!

Why? Here are 5 benefits of explainer videos:

  1. Increased conversion rates: Explainer videos have proved time and again to be one of the most effective ways to drive website conversion rates through the roof.
  2. Perfect business pitch: The ability to explain your fundraising campaign and cause is a telltale sign that a marketing strategy is working.
  3. Extended audience reach: In 2014, video content accounted for 64% of all global consumer internet traffic, but by 2019 that number will rise to an incredible 80%. Explainer videos meet the vital needs of the internet audience better than text or graphics-based content alone.
  4. Better understanding of your client needs: Want to build a strong relationship with your target audience or clients? Then keep in mind that people are more than statistical data. Video promotion is much more likely to invite audience engagement than a piece of writing.
  5. Better Google ranking: Websites with integrated videos are now about 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of the search engine results than textual content alone.

Below are 3 examples of explainer videos on the topic of fundraising. Take a look:

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Video 1: YMCA in Toronto fundraising for new facilities.

Video 2: Pointburst, app that supports fundraising.

Video 3: Share fundraising explains their campaign management tools.



If you’d like to learn more about explainer videos, go ahead and download our ebook!

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The best way to convey your message and nurture your consumer

It’s not easy being a business owner nowadays. Business owners, both big and small, often have to wear more than one hat to get the job done. The competition is fierce and unrelenting, so you need to learn how to reach out to and keep your customers – or someone else will do that for you. Here’s the best way to convey your message and nurture your consumer.

Today, consumers are in the center of the production process and of all marketing efforts. Everything is done with the target consumer in mind. That means that there are a lot of options for the consumer and a lot of competition for business owners. It’s also why you need to get creative in order to entertain and retain your customers.

So what should you do?

First of all – be consistent.

Secondly, you need to get with the times and use all available resources to engage and build the rapport with your consumers. And the best way to get their attention is to tell the right story through videos. Videos can work wonders if you know how to use them.

Let’s dig in.

Customers love consistency

People need to feel that they can rely on you every time. Consistency is the secret recipe for customer nurture and satisfaction. If you want your customers to come back for more, you need to provide them with consistently flawless service throughout the whole customer-journey. But not just that. You also need to show them emotional consistency and communication consistency. Emotional consistency means giving your customer the best treatment each and every time, therefore making them feel special and worthy. Communication consistency, on the other hand, refers to the message you’re sending. How do they see your brand? Are you delivering on your promises?

Customers love consistency

Buy them with unique stories

First of all, you need to have one unique story you want to convey to your audience. Start by creating a short explainer video. Tell your own story – about your humble beginnings, the obstacles you had to overcome to get to where you are now, who was with you from the start, etc. Without a captivating and memorable story, you will be just another fish in the sea. Having your own story is important both for prospects and for existing customers.

Buy them with unique stories

Think about your audience and what you would like them to know about you. Bear in mind that you need to appeal to their limbic brain, because people make their buying decisions using their emotions, not their logic. That being said, your story has to be relatable and emotionally-appealing.

Every now and then you can feature fun campaign videos where you can bring up your problems and concerns. Don’t forget product demo videos and interviews with thought leaders in your niche.

This way you will humanize your brand and bring yourself closer to everyday people – your customers.

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Make it personal – include people

People will remember faces better than features of a product. That doesn’t mean that product details are irrelevant, it just means that you should find a balance between the two.

So make sure you give people something to remember you by. Create videos by incorporating yourself and your team members. Be natural and be creative. Let your team members talk about their day-to-day business, challenges, etc. You can even ask your business partners to participate, why not! Close that gap between the business world and consumers, and take your business one step closer to your audience.

And it doesn’t have to stop there – you can involve your customers as well by featuring their success stories. The sky’s the limit basically.

Always finish with a strong CTA

Never leave your audience without an instruction on what to do next. If you want to convey your message you can’t end your video with a blank screen. Always include a call-to-action, provide links to your previous case studies and white papers, include a recommended video or a link for those who want to know more. This can also be a perfect place to promote your upcoming interview with prominent thought leaders, etc.

Also, make sure you use the active form verbs such as ‘download’, ‘click’, ‘see’, ‘help’, ‘share’ etc. to spur action.

Always finish with a strong CTA

Another good CTA strategy is to share the sense of urgency throughout your video, perhaps by using the phrase –‘buy now’, ‘act now’, depending on the nature of the video and of business, of course. Answer the question: What will happen if they don’t act now? Be persuasive and use calls to action wisely. But be careful: you don’t want to come off as too pushy either.

By being consistent in your words and actions and by incorporating videos into your overall marketing strategy, you can engage and nurture your audience, whether on social media or on your website. Plus, videos are not only engaging, but also measureable – so you’ll be able to see what’s working and to what extent.

Do you agree that consistency and videos are helpful in conveying your message and nurturing your consumer? What’s your way of nurturing your consumer and sending the right message across? Feel free to brag about your successes in the comments!

If you’d like to learn more about explainer videos, go ahead and download our ebook!

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How do I set myself apart from other companies by using videos

Your product is better, you know the market better, you ARE better, yet your competition has started to cream off your profit because of  … video? That’s not fair!  You can turn the tide if you revisit and innovate your video marketing strategy.

What makes your business unique?

  •        Your clients,
  •        Your company and products,
  •        Your care for the clients.

It’s time you let the world know it.  All you have to do is as simple as ABC:


1. Understand your audience better.


2. Create and promote your video.


3. Continue to communicate with the clients.

Your video does not have to be the best ever. It doesn’t have to be the trending viral champion of the week.  It merely has to distinctly deliver your message to the targeted market, in just a couple of minutes.

You have to make tough choices to reach out to your market, be in B2B or B2C. One of the choices relates to the content. It’s just like posing for a picture, you can show your best side, by showing your comparative advantages. It could be your products and their features, how they are made, the people who make them; or how they relate to the lives of the clients; or perhaps the values and issues that are important to your business. The right content might help you to choose the video type or subtype that suits you best. Your video can captivate your audience by being informative, whimsical, emotional, provocative, or incorporating an ‘Ahhh’ moment.

The Ultimate Guide to Explainer Videos download

So how can you differentiate yourself?

You know when you just catch something with peripheral vision and you instantly recognize the brand? That’s visual branding. A video is a perfect tool to extend the magic of your visual identity through the choice of colors and typography. What about a distinguished face to represent your business, be it an employee, a celebrity or an animated character?  Remember that with animated videos, you can easily choose different voices for different targeted markets. Even Siri has had several versions. We tend to choose the one we like and trust the most. (By the way, were you reading this article silently in your own voice or that of an actor?)


You want your video to be memorable.  The music used needn’t be an earworm, it just has to set the right mood. A good combination of the visuals and music creates the expected emotional response.

What about the other senses? The right visuals can trigger memories of distinct taste, smell, or tactile experience. The choice of colors can reveal a sense of temperature and the sense of motion is often involved. If these senses are an important part of your customers’ experience, make sure your video also conveys them. The genuine experience of your product can be reflected in so many different ways. Choosing slow motion, or giving the authentic or augmented soundscape of your product can result in increased emotional response in your targeted audience.

Your unique care for customers can be reflected in offering a greater choice of videos. You can make shorter and longer versions, or a series of videos. Don’t forget that your identity is not reflected only in the video, but also in its promotion: hashtags can reflect your company’s perceived identity, be it playful or global issues-oriented. Even if your video won’t be winning awards, you have great chances of beating your competition. Video is about communication. It’s about customer experience. This part is as important as creating and promoting the video.  Humanize your brand, get closer to the customers, so that they could better relate to you and your product. Make the videos interactive, let the people subscribe, repeat a segment of the video, forward to a point, apart yourself from other companies by using videos…. It’s more than just liking it and sharing.


If your competition has done a really good job with their videos, you should consider taking yours to the next level. Why not turn your video into a free app or online game? Whatever your strategy is to distinguish yourself, remember to communicate and know your customers’ needs and habits.

What are your greatest concerns when considering a new video?  Please leave us a comment.  And feel free to share it.


If you’d like to learn more about explainer videos, go ahead and download our ebook!

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How Google uses explainer videos to explain its products

Have you ever wondered how Google uses explainer videos? The internet giant regularly turns to videos to announce fresh features, introduce new projects, and pass on useful tips and tricks. Google’s official YouTube channel numbers over 3.5 million subscribers, and the popularity of their explainer videos is undeniable. Whether they’re giving us a unique, first-hand experience in using a groundbreaking product, such as Google Glass, or notifying us about new improvements in our favorite mobile app, Google heavily relies on the explainer video to get the message across.

If you’re running out of ideas on how to make the most of explainer video in your marketing campaign, take a look at these five ingenious Google explainer videos for a fresh dose of inspiration.

1. When Google launched the solar power initiative Project Sunroof in August 2015, they made a video to help them explain the main idea behind the project to the target audience. The 90-second animation is a perfect example of how explainer videos can draw a clear picture of a complex concept that would otherwise take too much time to explain in writing. The project, developed by Google engineer Carl Elkin“to make installing solar panels easy and understandable for anyone”, is currently available only for U.S. residents, but Google has announced plans to expand the initiative globally, and once they do, we have no doubt they’ll have a brand new explainer video to announce the exciting news.

2. There has been much speculation in the public about the exact role of ICAAN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), so Google decided to make an explainer video to address this issue, and had none other than Vint Cef, the father of Internet himself, to narrate it. In the delightful, hand-drawn animation video, Cef explains how ICANN is a nonprofit organization that technically serves as the Internet’s overseer. This Google explainer video relies on likeable animation and Cef’s authority to clear any misconceptions about the somewhat vague role of ICANN, and assuage users’ fears about the perceived threat to Internet freedom.

The Ultimate Guide to Explainer Videos download

3. Even though it’s hard to imagine that there’s anyone with Internet access who hasn’t used Google Translate at least once, not a lot of people are familiar with the exact process behind machine translation. This is why Google made a 2 minutes and 24 seconds long explainer video that boils down the complex mechanism behind Google Translate into an easily digestible format. The wonderfully animated video guide explains how Google’s language tool translates words, sentences, and even whole websites by relying on “patterns found in large amounts of text”, and breaks down the basics of this incredibly intricate process.

4. Google’s Impact Challenge is a project aiming to support global nonprofit organizations around the world and inspire them to use the latest technology in their quest to make the world a better place. To get people to vote for the most innovative nonprofit in the UK in 2013, Google made an explainer video that highlights the importance of individual votes. This inspiring explainer video combines simple and effective animation with thought-provoking narration to remind people that even something as simple as an online vote can have a profound impact on resolving some of the most pressing issues we face today, from human rights violations to the preservation of endangered animal species.

5. The Gmail ‘Undo Send’ button was one of the most requested and long-awaited features of the Google’s email service. When Google finally decided to make its users’ wish come true last June, they first uploaded an explainer video on their YouTube channel, and only about a month later posted the announcement on the company’s official blog. Clearly, Google is well aware of the vast consumer-reaching potential of explainer videos. This 35-second video has no narrative voice or complex animation. Instead, it uses simple and clear demonstration, accompanied by a gripping music score for maximum impact. Brilliant!

What other Google explainer videos do you think are particularly innovative or inspiring? Let us know in the comment section below!

If you’d like to learn more about explainer videos, go ahead and download our ebook!

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