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What is a Product Video?

A product video is a form of an explainer video that effectively demonstrates the benefits of a specific product. Most product videos focus on the features of the specific product, we like to focus on the dos and don’ts, to ensure a phenomenal outcome. With a product video, you can increase conversion rates by providing a fun and interactive story that tells clients how the product works and what type of impacts it may have. With the use of narrative, a product video can create a much better, and longer lasting impression in a consumer’s head. This creates a memorable experience rather than an explanation. As we’ve mentioned before, people are more likely to remember information received through video because of its visual and audio aspects. This carries over with product videos as well. If you are attempting to educate a viewer about your company’s product, the best way to get it done in a fast and effective manner is to use a product video.

What businesses benefit most from product videos?

A good product video will not only engage users, but will also help them understand why they need this specific product for themselves. That being said, product videos can necessarily tie into any business. Product videos do pair best with companies that are attempting to educate viewers about a difficult product their company is trying to sell. With a clear and informative style, product videos can help explain a certain product in an easy and interesting way. If a company has a long list of products, they can use product videos to create a series of branded product videos. Product videos create a way of helping consumers comprehend faster, a way to successfully explain a new offer or product, which in the end gives the consumer a reason to be more interested.

How can this help your business?

Any online video will do much better than any type of writing advertisement. Most of the time people will rather choose to watch a short video, than read something. Organizational housewares e-tailer reported that visitors were 144% more likely to purchase after seeing a product video than those who did not. Product videos supply you with a fast and simple way to describe your product to the consumers.

What is a Demo Video?

A demo video is a way for a company to show investors or clients what their business is all about, without having to repeat their story over and over again to new prospects. With a demo video you can give a solid example of what your business can do and intrigue them to jump on board with you. Think of a demo video as a first introduction of yourself and how important it is to showcase the positive sides you want to reflect. A great demo video can be the first step in creating a wonderful relationship, while a bad demo video can turn people away instantly.

What businesses do Demo Videos fit into?

A demo video is a first introduction of your business and any company can profit from using this tool. A demo video will showcase a business the way they want to be shown in their first introduction. Touching on key points that your company has done, and showing off the positive things your company has and can do, a demo video can help land potential investors and customers.

How can a Demo Video help you?

A demo video can be a make or break situation for potential business to your company, a good demo video can help land clients and investors. With a fast, informative introduction of your company, you can land clients a lot faster and not have to deal with the headache of explaining what you do, and who you are over and over, saving you time and energy.