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How to Make an Abominable Explainer Video


Creating an explainer video can be quite challenging. These videos can boost SEO, reduce bounce rate, and raise return on investment, increase conversion rates and e-mail click rate. BUT! What if you’re in the mood to spend money on an explainer video and you don’t care about the finished product?

Here are some tips and tricks to help you create the most horrid video in the history of ever.

  1. Do Not Use a Professional Voice-Over ArtistMaybe you can ask your neighbor with the thick accent to do it for a couple for beers. Or the one with the lisp. No one will notice.
  2. Make it Loooong: Oh, yes, this one is important. Make the video as long as possible so that if your confusedcustomers decide to watch it, they can be bored and maybe not even finish watching it.
  3. Ignore Your Audience and Their Problem: Seriously, why are you even making the explainer video? Definitely not to explain anything to them!
  4. Use Bad or No Sound Effects: Pew, pew! Kaboom! Meow? See? You can do it yourself.
  5. Make it Confusing: Absolutely, positively, do not make a plan and talk about whatever comes to mind. Your video is about your bakery, so talk about your neighbor’s front porch and the new phone you just bought.
  6. Use Jargon and Long Complicated Words You’re Sure No One Will Understand: Sesquipedality is key here.
  7. Tell Them Every. Single. Thing. About Your Product: Do not leave out anything. You have worked on your product for a very long time and your viewers need to know everything.
  8. Skip the Call-to-Action: They should already know what you want them to do, so why tell them? Duh!
  9. Forget About HD Quality: You should just use your phone to record the doodles you drew last night. No, no, not the new one, the old phone you almost threw away!
  10. Do Not Share Your Video Anywhere: It’s not like you want anyone to see it, right?
  11. Do Not Use a Professional Explainer Video Production Company: They focus too much on making an amazing and engaging video. What with all their professional project managers and script writers and designers and animators and sound effects people… We wouldn’t want that, now, would we?


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If your heart is set on having a video, but, at the same time, you could not care less about it, follow these 11 foolproof points and a bad video you shall have in no time!

If, however, you do care how your money is being spent and want the best, do not follow this list! Do the opposite. Especially the opposite of the last one because they will help you do everything right.

If you’d like to learn more about explainer videos, go ahead and download our ebook!

The Ultimate Guide to Explainer Videos download