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How to get your visitors to engage more on your website


Are you getting traffic to your website, but few of those visitors actually stay and engage? Driving visitors to your website is a measure of your website design as well as marketing efforts. But making them stay and explore is an entirely different story!

There are two single most important things you need your visitors to do if you want your business to thrive, and that is: to buy from you, and to engage on your website.

Both of these activities are essential to the success of your business.

But what makes engagement so relevant in the first place?

When visitors engage on your website it means that they stay longer and explore your website. For some, this means browsing different pages on your website, while for others it means leaving comments, sharing your content on different social media platforms and leaving an email address on the landing page.

By making the users stay and explore you’re lowering your bounce rate (the percentage of users leaving your website after visiting just one page) and increasing your chances of closing a sale and having repeat customers.

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If you want to spur engagement, here are 5 tried-and-true ways to get your visitors to engage more on your website without being distracted:

  1.   Keep the design simple

Web design factors play a huge role when it comes to engagement. However tempting it may be to get a super-modern web design, having a fancy-schmancy website has actually proven to drive visitors away. A study by Google has shown that ‘visually complex’ website designs are confusing and perceived as less appealing by visitors than their simpler counterparts. In a nutshell, the simpler – the better!

Know your audience
  1. Know your audience

Identifying your target audience will help you tailor the design of your website to suit their needs and preferences. This will help you incorporate the elements your website needs to be more appealing. Being specific and narrowing down the features will make your visitors more likely to stay and engage on your website. Knowing your audience impacts the sort of content you need to feature on your website, the colors and the size of the font, etc.

  1. Intuitive navigation system 

Regardless of your target audience, your navigation system should be intuitive if you want users to stay. Easy-to-use websites are the most successful. The average attention span of internet users today is pretty short, so you need to make everything loud and clear otherwise people will lose interest quickly. When a user sees your website, they should immediately know what to do next. This is important because it helps people concentrate on what really matters. Navigation systems that are too complicated distract visitors’ attention. Therefore, they are more likely to wander off or become annoyed and leave your website.

  1. Get personal – tell a captivating story

Pull people in on a human level. Get out of the sell mode. Tell them something about yourself, about your humble beginnings, what obstacles you had to overcome to get to where you are now, etc. This will remind them that you’re one of them, and not just another brand that wants to sell their products or services. Having a captivating personal story will make your brand closer to everyday people who interact with your website. This will in turn make them more likely to engage and consequently buy from you.

Get personal – tell a captivating story
  1. Offer something they can’t find elsewhere

Give your visitors a reason to stay by giving away useful content. People need something fresh and relevant – something they can’t find on every other website. You can feature webinars, video tutorials or blog articles on topics that are useful and interesting to your target audience. Unique and relevant content is more likely to spur engagement and to be shared on social media.

Have you experimented with some other tactics to make your visitors engage? If yes, which ones? Feel free to comment, like or share if you find some of these methods helpful!

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