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How to have a successful business overnight?


There are a lot of companies and startups which became a success almost overnight, after spending more time than they would like to at the bottom of the pile. Nowadays, startups and new ventures are at every corner and the number in the millions. Unfortunately, only 10% of them will ever last more than year and only 1% will become a successful business that will make an impact.

So, how to improve your chances of becoming a success? Let’s take an example.

succeed overnightDropbox, one of the most popular cloud storage services today, was a small startup which was started in June 2007, got a small seed investment and was officially launched in 2008. Throughout the first year they were having a problem with getting new users. Spending a tremendous amount on an adwords campaign, they had a disproportionate and unprofitable conversion rate (for every $300 spent, they got $99 back). This was going on for some time, until they decided to try something different.

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Drew Houston, the founder, created a video which explained the features and services which Dropbox offered and promoted it via all possible means (mostly social networks) to the wider audience. This 4 minute tutorial explainer video was created so the viewers can easily understand the advantages, features and all aspects of this service. Literally overnight, they had 70,000 new signups, and went from 5,000 to 75,000 users.

Dropbox isn’t the only industry leader which uses explainer videos. Pepsi, Google, Microsoft and a lot more use this marketing tool to promote and explain their businesses. The best thing, as with any modern tool, it has become so accessible that everyone can have it, regardless if you are an industry leader, a startup on the rise or a small mom and pop shop.

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The Ultimate Guide to Explainer Videos download