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Key element in explainer video production


Creating an engaging animation explainer video that explains and promotes your business in a short amount of time can surely increase your visibility, conversion rate and get you more customers than you ever had before.

A lot of companies that create these videos promote their process as part “magic”, part super-secret scientific process with ingredients that are a bigger secret than the recipe for Coca Cola or launch codes for the nuclear arsenal. Now, that sounds pretty and nice, but you wouldn’t be here in your business if you believed such stories, would you?

explainer videoIn fact the process of creating an engaging explainer video that best suits your business is much more complex, yet it boils down to a simple key element needed for successful production – communication and collaboration.

No, we will not get you to fill in a simple Q&A document and disappear for a month, coming back with something that will amaze you as it came from your deepest desires and dreams. YOU are the one who knows your business, YOU are the one who knows your customers best. We know how to make creative stories and engaging content. We know how to take your everyday sales pitch, or business description and create colorful characters and a story around them which will entice the audience to view the animation until its end and remember you.

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Clear communication throughout the production process between the client and the production team is the one key element which will make the production go faster, while providing the quality you only dreamed about.

We can also talk about the talent and experience that goes into this process but they all come secondary to communication, and we wouldn’t be here if these elements are anywhere but above standard.

From this key element we can also differentiate three different types of client communication and the results:

  1. Client who knows exactly what he wants – By giving a clear picture of what he wants this type of client leaves nothing to chance. A skilled project manager and production team can swiftly apply all the style requirements and client requests in order to give birth to the client’s vision.
  2. Client who does not know exactly what he wants, and expects experience and guidance – In this situation, the production team is free to imagine new concepts and their vision for what would best fit the story of this business, presenting these options to the client and giving him ideas from which he can pick what he likes best.
  3. Client who knows what he wants, BUT does not say it – This is the only option that usually ends up in a long and hard process of production, since it is missing the key element which we spoke about. For the production team this is like shooting in the dark, without any guidance. For the client, this is also a tiresome and a frustrating experience.

Communication is essential and it needs to be one of the strongest assets of the company and team you pick to do your explainer video. Of course, you first need to decide that you need an explainer video… See why you do HERE!


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