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How Our Process Work

White-Glove Service

Every step of this process, you will have a point-of-contact expert in that particular area. With Myevideo, you will talk to real humans – not an email or message box on a website. And you will always know where you are in the process and have your ideas and concerns heard.

The 5 steps production process


  1.   Content Strategy Session

    • We will extract all the essential details from you and identify the right strategy and angle for the video.
  2.  Script Session

    • You will spend time with our senior copywriter and participate and observe the script creation process.
  3. Creative Session

    • You will meet with our creative director and discuss and review the direction for the storyboard and visual aspects of the video.
  4. Creating the Audio

    • You’ll choose from a list of samples done by industry-leading professional voice actors. We will record the voiceover and put the audio portion of the video together.
  5. Create Illustrations and Animations

    • We will create illustrations and animations that correspond with the storyboard to tell your story and message.
  6. Putting it All Together

    • The last step is to combine the audio with all of the visual elements and this is where your video comes to life.