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What is a video sales letter?

The video sales letter is a form of internet advertising. When people hear about it, they most often imagine a long copy on a webpage with maybe a video at the top of that page, or maybe just a page with nothing else on the screen except one video. An actual video sales letter is a nothing more than a pre-written script that is simultaneously being narrated and shown on screen at the same time. To use this format you have to have a very well written and polished script, and an engaging audio narration.

Why use video sales letters?

Video sales letters are perfect because they are far superior to just text or just audio when aiming to get your message across. Although a video sales letter lack visual appeal, it basically attacks two of your senses – your eyes and your ears – with the same message making it very hard to ignore. This type of video has been tested against other similar formats, and it has been proven that it works best.

What businesses benefit most from video sales letters?

A video sales letter can be used by virtually any business that has a product or service to sell. They can be used in a number of ways and across various platforms. If your message is concise, relevant, and valuable, this format of only text and voice can work wonders.

What can video sales letters do for your business?

The psychology of video sales letters is simple. The best way for human mind to learn is to engage more senses. A video sales letter keeps the viewer’s attention depending on the speed of the slide transitions of the video. Traditional sales letters take much more time to write, sometimes between 3-4 weeks. A sales letter can be written in 3-4 days. Video sales letters can significantly boost your conversions and increase your speed to market.