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What is a vlog series?

A vlog is by definition a blog in the format of a video. It works wonderfully when it is made into a series. We offer a package of 12 vlogs, so you could essentially have a vlog for each month.

Why use vlogs?

Since most people are reluctant to read big chunks of text, you need to get creative when you have a lot of information that you need to convey to your audience. A vlog can substitute a blog post and be more engaging.

What businesses are vlogs best for?

Vlogs work great for companies that want to humanize their brand and communication with their clientele. They are conversational, engaging, and can present your data in a way that is more fun to watch than to just read.

What can vlogs do for your business?

Using a vlog series can establish a deeper relationship with your audience as they will know to expect an entertaining and at the same time informational video from you every month.