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People don’t want to sit through a PowerPoint presentation—can you say yawn? Connect with your audience through a story. 2D animation videos are ideal for storytelling and come in a wide range of style options.
Connecting with your audience doesn’t need to break the bank. Since 2D animation video production takes less time to produce than other video formats, you can have a high-quality 2D video for a fraction of the price. These videos are ideal for any business, large or small, and focus on telling a compelling story in 90, 60, 30, or 15 seconds.
Brings a face to your brand
Have your audience connect with your brand through realistic characters. Oh, and just a reminder, the characters don’t even have to be human. The point is that these characters help connect the audience to the product or service. The characters don’t need depth; they simply need to portray your audience’s frustrations and needs, showing how the product or service can solve their problem. Not only do they show what words cannot, they add human value to your brand.
Generates traffic
At the end of the day, you want your target audience to gain awareness of your product or service and work their way down the buyer’s journey. A 2D animated video does a one-of-a-kind job of triggering the right emotions in potential customers, guiding them through the sales funnel. Not only does this generate the right traffic to your website, but it also turns leads into conversions.

Our 2D animations (Case studies)

The most powerful way to get your message across is through a story, and if there’s one thing we love, it’s storytelling. Take a look at some of the videos we’ve made for our clients.
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What we offer for 2D animation

There are many components that go into 2D animation. From the storyline to characters to the script, they need to all serve a purpose. But that’s why you have us. Our beginning-to-end 2D animation services cover everything you need. Here are the various 2D animation videos we offer:
  • 1. Explainer videos
  • 2. Whiteboard videos
  • 3. Commercial ads
  • 4. Infotainment videos
  • 5. Video games
  • 6. Web and mobile app 2D templates

Unforgettable characters

Your audience needs to relate to your brand’s message. What can your product or service do to help them solve a frustration or need? Though you know the answer, how are you going to tell it to the audience in a way that will capture their attention? Creating compelling characters is one way to get the story across to your audience. Not only will your audience associate your brand’s unique character with the company, but they’ll also identify themselves in that very character. GET THE PERFECT ANIMATED CHARACTERS FOR YOUR BRAND

Bring your brand to life

You may be thinking, “but I don’t want to make my brand cartoony.” Who said you had to? Of course, you can opt for a goofy character; however, 2D animation can create complex and sophisticated characters matching your brand’s style. That’s the beauty of 2D animation—it’s available in a wide variety of styles and levels of complexity. Whichever style you choose will help bring your brand to life and help the audience connect to your business. A STARTER 2D ANIMATION VIDEO FOR YOUS BRAND

Why choose 2D animation?

If you want to create brand awareness and generate traffic to your website, a 2D animation video is a perfect choice for your business.
We prioritize your needs first
We’re not making a video for us; we’re making it for you. That said, we take the pre-production stage very seriously. We make sure to sit down with you and go through your marketing goals, budget, and visual ideas to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want. And we don’t accept payment until you approve the final script.
Our 2D animators know what they’re doing
We’re not new to the game. Our creative team, from animators to voice-over artists are highly qualified and experienced in their field. Regardless of the style of 2D animation you’d like, we have the right animator for you.
We have the right tools
Talent only takes us so far. We also need the right tools to make highly-quality animations. Our studio uses industry-trusted animation software and graphic tools to streamline the 2D animation process and create high-quality videos.< /p>
Transparency is king
We don’t want to produce a product you’re not going to like. Therefore, we make sure to sit down with you and go through each component of a 2D animation, making sure you get exactly what you want.
We get it done on time
While other companies see deadlines as a hassle, we love them. Our 2D animation services extend beyond the video itself. We pride ourselves on our planning and teamwork to produce the 2D animated video that aligns with your schedule.
High-quality for affordable prices
We know you have a marketing budget to work with. With that in mind, we make sure to offer competitive pricing on our 2D animation services without diminishing the quality of our product.


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