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What is a YouTube Ad Video?

Formerly known as an “in-stream video ad”, YouTube ad videos are ads that run in video players appearing on YouTube watch pages and channel pages with featured videos. These ads on YouTube desktop, mobile web, and apps, connected TV, and game consoles, as well as the Google Video network and embedded YouTube players. The maximum length of ads that have the option to be skipped is 60 seconds, while non-skippable video ads can be a maximum of 15 seconds (20 seconds for certain areas of the world). There are also non-skippable video ads that are up to 30 seconds long, allowed on a sub-set of inventory. YouTube also allows a 5 second bumper video ad as part of a sponsorship package.

How are YouTube Ad Videos different from other products?

YouTube video ads can reach a wide range of different audiences. The site receives billions of views each year being watched by people of all ages. YouTube also helps target specific customers you may be attempting to reach. They help you target specific people by age, gender, locations, and more.

What businesses benefit most from YouTube Ads?

With video ads being so popular with our generation, YouTube is a great platform for any business attempting to branch out, or drive more traffic in the video ad world. YouTube has the power to drive your ads to your specific clientele, driving more business and attention to your company.

How can they help my business?

YouTube ads can drive a new type of client to your business that was unaware that you were even there before. With skilled placement, a YouTube ad can target new clients just off of what type of search that person may be making. YouTube ads are truly a great way to drum up business and drive traffic to your company.