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Explainer Video Stats that Will Surprise You


Everyone knows that video is a powerful online tool, but do you know the surprising stats behind the claims?  In this post, we’ll share some of the striking numbers that show how video is one of the best ways to improve your business’s results and returns online.

Video increases conversions and sales

The numbers vary widely, but one thing is clear, videos improve your conversions and sales online.  In some cases, the improvement is immense.  Indeed, in one case, it was found that video made purchasers 144% more likely to buy than a page without it.  In other cases, the gain is more modest, such as the 9% increase in conversions found by another company to study the trend.  Given that business owners often take great pains even for the promise of a single digit increase in conversions, the power of video and the expansive range of improvement outcomes are too big to ignore.

Video increases website visit length

Unfortunately, online, the average visit to a website is quite brief.  Video, however, can make a huge impact if your site has a lot of visitors hitting the “Back” button.  In fact, one study found that video kept visitors on site two minutes longer on average.  This difference can lead to a big increase in the number of substantial visits to your site.  In fact, 90% of people leave a text site within four seconds, but if there’s a video, it drops to 60%.  This retention gives you the time needed to convert visitors and can boost your bottom line tremendously.

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Video improves your search engine rank

SEO is a mystical world, but it’s clear that video is a potent tool for increasing your page rank.  70% of the top sites in SEO rankings contain video, and by optimizing with video, your chances of hitting the front page go up by 53%.  This means that even if your video is ineffective as a communication tool, its presence on your site can be justified solely by the SEO boost you get.  With the top listings on the front page taking the vast majority of all traffic for a given search term, improving your ranking could mean thousands more visits to your website each month.

Video is more memorable

Getting people informed about your product is nice, but what if they forget all about you after they leave your site?  With video, that’s much less likely to happen.  One data tracker found that memory retention is actually 50% higher for video.  Video is engaging and ultimately, we recall the things we’ve seen at a greater rate than things we’ve read.  Another point in favor of video.


The lesson is clear – if you want to drive more traffic to your site, keep that traffic onsite longer, make them more likely to buy, and stay in memory more clearly – video is the best tool available.

Don’t go online without it!

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