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Why Upload Your Explainer Video Directly on Facebook


Facebook-Vs.-YouTubeHere is some food for thought on why you should consider using Facebook video over YouTube links on your Facebook page.

Native environment

When sharing a video on Facebook, page admins have two options. The first one is to upload the video directly to Facebook, and the second is to share the YouTube link in a post. Most page admins opt for the latter. According to a study conducted by Social Bakers, both received a similar number of shares and likes, which is the most frequent type of interaction. This was to be expected. However, Facebook videos generated double the amount of comments. Facebook videos achieved a 40% higher engagement rate in the studied period, and another Social Bakers study showed that they also achieved a 10 times higher viral reach than YouTube links did. Also, within a recent update, Facebook videos drive more engagement within a timeline because it has automatic preview and start playing silently even before a user clicks on it, which as you might imagine has an immediate attraction effect.

Easy access

Facebook videos can at a later time be found in the Page’s video gallery, whereas a YouTube link is limited to a single post. You can share the same video as many times as you like and it becomes more visible each time it gets new Likes or Comments because Facebook shares your fan’s activities in their friends’ News Feeds even though they have not clicked the Like and Follow buttons on your Page. Facebook also offers an option to users to Like your Page via a button directly in the video. Another way to increase your Page’s visibility is to tag your fans in your video.

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Mobile responsiveness

Facebook videos are easier to consume on mobile because they can be played directly from the mobile app, without being redirected to YouTube and jumping from app to app. Only Facebook videos can be auto-played. To watch a video from another website, you still have to tap on the play button first and, of course, get redirected to their app or website.

This is not the only way to share your explainer video, but it is one you should consider using on your company’s Facebook page.

Infographic source: Digibuzzfeed

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