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Getting the Most Out of Your Explainer Video


One of the most important parts of the video creation process is the planning phase where a video is structured and scripted.  With a compelling structure, a video can be a powerful tool for gaining conversions.  Without it, it’s simply a presentation that will be tolerated at best, and ignored at worst.

So, how do you ensure that the audience does what you want them to do?

Unfortunately, there’s no magic formula.  (Those that say there is may have had some success with a format, but there’s no guarantee it will work for all products and situations.  And the more it’s copied, the greater the audience’s fatigue will be.)

But here’s the good news: there are some guidelines that will help you create a explainer strong video without being formulaic.  Keep these tips in mind when creating a video, and you can’t go very far wrong:

Less is More

Almost everyone’s instinct when creating a video is to pack, pack, pack it full of information!  It’s easy to see why; you’re coming at it from the perspective of what you want the audience to know (i.e. all the wonderful details about your business).  There’s a catch, though – just because you get a detail into the script doesn’t mean the audience is listening and absorbing it.  Instead, this is controlled by whether or not you’ve kept their attention.

Imagine going on a date with someone who breathlessly communicates everything about themselves for two minutes straight.  Did you catch all that, or did you tune out 20 seconds in?

Your video is the same way. Instead of focusing on what you want the audience to know, focus on establishing a clear, coherent flow that interests them and keeps them engaged.  Sometimes, this means skipping a few details so that you don’t get bogged down.

In short: it’s better to get the main story across and lose the details than to try to cram it all in and get nothing across.

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Be a Giver

Here’s the harsh truth about video: it isn’t about the creator.  It’s about the audience!  You need to speak to their fears, needs, and interests above all, and leave lectures about your business behind.  Your first questions when planning a video should be things like:

  • What is my audience struggling with?
  • How do I help them?
  • How can I squarely and honestly address their possible objections?
  • What can I realistically promise them?
  • What else do they want to know?

Focus on the audience – if they hear the things that speak to them, you’re golden.  If they hear a lot of blabber about how great you are, they’ll get defensive and skeptical.  Provide the same level of customer service in your video that you do in your day-to-day operations, and you’ll have a great shot at success.

 A Note About Clichés

Clichés attain their status because they’re popular and most people identify with them.  That said, they can be irritating and tiresome.  Sales, however, often depends heavily on them, so to some extent, they’re unavoidable.

The best practice is to find a fresh way to communicate, but to also keep a few comforting touchstones in your video.  There’s nothing wrong with using familiar language here and there, but if your video is entirely composed of stale phrases, your viewers will groan at it.


Keep it simple, keep it focused on the audience, and keep it fresh.  With those three guidelines, you’re already well on your way to an effective video.

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