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Innovate Your B2B Marketing Strategy with Video


“Video is the next best thing to being in person,” says Michael Litt, founder of Vidyard. And how right he is. With video overtaking text as an effective means of marketing communication, thanks to its length, ease of access and entertainment value, introducing your business on the web without one is impossible. This is especially important for businesses, as 92% of B2B customers watch videos online. Moreover, nowadays videos, if rightly made, have a high percentage of becoming viral, especially because videos appear most frequently on Google searches, over 70%, while images are second best, with 30%. Having one for your business is essential for it to become successful in the 21st century.

Innovate Your B2B Marketing Strategy with Video

To get back to the first sentence of this article, it is essential for your video to grant the experience of “being there,” of experiencing your business first hand. There are various ways in which you could achieve this, one of the ways is snapping a GoPro video on your head, or on the head of one of your employees, and go through your offices to give people a closer look at what you do.

If you are unable to give a tour with a GoPro, you should at least make your video a bit humorous so as to make it an interesting watch. But try not to overdo it, your main priority is to introduce your business. One of the things that work pretty neat is making a cartoon which illustrates your business’s capabilities as super powers. Another good idea is describing funny situations which happen to people if they don’t use your service or product.

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Using a video helps you communicate to people your business’s biggest virtue: solving a problem. Be it something you want to sell or some service you want to offer. It’s best to make a video which describes solutions with the help of your service or product. Oakley, Inc., for example, made a short video that shows a surfer catching waves without losing their eye protection.

It is also essential that you make an emotional connection with your viewers through your video. Studies have shown that a lot more people will buy or get interested in something if they feel attached to it, if it moves them, or if it reminds them of scenes from everyday life. Having an emotional context may also spark up an important discussion about your business’s values and culture.

You also have to make your video look professional. If no one in your business is acquainted with video production, don’t be afraid of spending some money on hiring an expert team to do the job for you. Think of it this way: people’s first encounter with your business will be through the video, so why not please them straight away with it. If you have a low budget video, customers won’t be convinced they should be doing business with you. If you didn’t invest much attention into your own video, then how much attention will you give them, they might ask.

It may also be useful to make a really short video series, where each episode explores and clarifies one single problem or introduces a very important part of your business or product. Owing to its length, it will be dynamic and catchy, not to say that research has shown that 60 seconds is the ideal video length, after which people start losing interest. More short videos are likely to be a better option than one long and potentially boring one.

Innovate Your B2B Marketing Strategy with Video

When deciding upon what kind of video to make don’t forget to follow trends and stay up to date. Taking a look at trending videos on YouTube from time to time may prove to be an effective mode of research before deciding on one type or another. Also, it is very important that the landing page, or homepage, on which you place your videos is optimized for mobile devices. That way, your videos will be available to anyone, anytime and anywhere.

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