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4 Ways Visuals Help IT Companies Differentiate Product and Service Offerings


Are you using visuals to create content? If not, it’s high time you started!

Visual content, including explainer video production is taking the web by storm. To put things into perspective, it’s been reported that tweets with images receive 89% more favorites and 18% more clicks than the ones without an image.

Today, there’s nothing more off-putting to internet users than seeing a bunch of plain text in a social media post or on a web page. Why? Well, simply because it’s part of our nature to prefer pictures more than words on paper/page. Visuals are easy to understand and don’t require that much effort. Visual content is more compelling, engaging and therefore more interesting.

That being said, visuals can be used to present data and difficult concepts in a more creative and fun way. Otherwise boring and difficult-to-understand stats and numbers can be made interesting and easy-to-digest.

So, are you convinced enough that you should be incorporating visuals into your content marketing? Ready to make some changes? Stay tuned for ideas and tips on how to use visuals to get your message across:


Infographics are useful to explain difficult-to-understand concepts and ideas, especially for the IT sector.

02 How to incorporate more visuals to get your message across They are perfect to present information (especially if you have more than one point) in a more appealing and reader-friendly way. By converting the information you have into graphs, maps, images and/or stories people will be able to absorb it more quickly and easily. Plus, infographics are known to generate a lot of traffic. A single infographic can reach out to as many as 15 million people. Although creating an infographic may seem like a tough task, it can be quite easy actually. You can find free infographic templates available to download or use on sites like Freepik, Hubspot and many others.

GIFs03 How to incorporate more visuals to get your message across

How familiar are you with GIFs? GIFs are extremely popular on social media mostly because they’re funny and interesting. Although their primary function was to entertain, people are starting to recognize more potential uses of GIFs, as they can be used to present serious topics as well. You can use GIFs to show a product, to tell a story, to demonstrate how something is done step by step, to play an ad, etc. If you want a ready-made GIF, just go to websites like Tumblr, Giphy and Imgur. But if you have your own images you want to turn into GIFs, tools like EZGIF, Gif Creator and/or Giphy Cam can help you with this.

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Data visualizations

Data visualizations are another great way to visually communicate with your audience and get your message across.

04 How to incorporate more visuals to get your message across

With data visualizations, you simply present the info in a pictorial and/or graphical way. The difference between infographics and data visualizations is that infographics are usually used to present more than one point – sometimes a whole story. Data visualizations, on the other hand, are used to present a point or two. For example, if you have some statistics that you need to use to support your claim, the best way is to visually present them by using charts, diagrams, graphs, or even heat maps. Data charts are usually simple but they have more impact on people than if you just presented the information in numbers.


05 How to incorporate more visuals to get your message across

Bring your ideas to life with explainer video production

Last but not least – use explainer videos to convey your message. If you’re looking for ways to promote your brand, there’s nothing more engaging than videos. Explainer videos have a great potential of reaching out to a large number of people extremely quickly. How-to videos, Q&A, and tutorials are a perfect way to show off your expertise and capture your audience’s attention. Also, consider uploading your videos to YouTube to boost your rankings. Good explainer video content is clickable, shareable and likeable! People simply love them, because looking at a captivating video definitely beats out reading words on a page.


What techniques do you prefer to use to communicate visually? Let us know in the comment section.

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