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5 Best Explainer Video Styles for 2015


What do I want to achieve with this video? This is the first question you need to ask yourself before you think about what the best explainer video styles are.

To be quite honest, you can use almost any style for almost any purpose if you bend your mind hard enough and make it work, but we strongly believe that one size does not fit all. For example, a motion graphic style can have more of an impact on a B2B audience, while a B2C audience might be more appreciative of a 2D storytelling video.

You know your customers best and what they will react to. You know what they expect from you. Now that can be a sort of double-edged sword because, like most things, expectations are tricky. Should you give them exactly what they expect, or should you go the extra mile and try to wow them with something new?

Here are the basic characteristics of each style to help you choose the right one for your video.


The 2D animation style is what people usually think when they hear “explainer video”. It catches attention quickly and gives the most control over video because it offers countless options and flexibility. A custom-designed cartoon character that represents your company or brand is not only fun to watch in a video, but exceptionally useful if your goal is to humanize your brand and build trust.

This style is, dare I say it, perfect for companies that need a B2C (business-to-customer) explainer video. However, it can also be used for B2B (business-to-business) by companies that want a friendlier approach.


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Whiteboard animation is highly engaging and sparks curiosity in viewers. It communicates information in a clear and effective way. This structured and very to-the-point style works better with audiences who are 25 years old and older. There is a hand shown holding a marker which appears to be making the drawings on a whiteboard right in front of the viewers’ eyes.

In terms of use, this style is flexible because it works well for both B2C and B2B videos. It is ideal for tutorials, training videos, educational videos, technology solutions, and overall in-depth explanations.


The infographic style is convenient when you have to present myriad data. It relies heavily on, you’ve guessed it, information. It is packed with facts, data, numbers, charts, and other kinds of statistics. Having all the data animated helps the audience make connections between pieces of information that might not have been made by simply reading a report.


Simply put, this style is basically graphic design in motion. It uses graphic elements such as shapes, colors, and patterns to convey a message through elegant movement. Motion graphic animation is straightforward, clear, and effective. Even though not quite as creative as 2D or whiteboard animation, it delivers information in an educational but engaging manner.

Like the infographic style, this style is good for mature, professional audiences, and is especially impactful in B2B videos.


Movable type, also known as kinetic typography, is a popular tool. It uses words on screen moving in different ways to keep the attention of the viewer. It can be used when your content needs emphasis added, and it can be used for just about anything. From an article, blog post, an ad, or even a sales letter. There are probably many reasons for its popularity, but an obvious one is that when people see a word, they want to read it. When combined with adequate music, it can help convey tone and emotion. The impact on the viewer is bigger because more of their senses are engaged – they are reading and at the same time listening to the same text.

Now that you’re more acquainted with the different styles, you’ll have no problem choosing the best explainer video style for you. Now you’re ready to talk colors and how they affect your sales.

We hope this article helped clear some things up because it was written with your best interests in mind. If you have a suggestion which topic we should tackle in the future, tell us in the comments. In the meantime, don’t forget to like and share with your boss, colleagues, friends, or anyone else you think might find this useful.

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