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How do I set myself apart from other companies by using videos


Your product is better, you know the market better, you ARE better, yet your competition has started to cream off your profit because of  … video? That’s not fair!  You can turn the tide if you revisit and innovate your video marketing strategy.

What makes your business unique?

  •        Your clients,
  •        Your company and products,
  •        Your care for the clients.

It’s time you let the world know it.  All you have to do is as simple as ABC:


1. Understand your audience better.


2. Create and promote your video.


3. Continue to communicate with the clients.

Your video does not have to be the best ever. It doesn’t have to be the trending viral champion of the week.  It merely has to distinctly deliver your message to the targeted market, in just a couple of minutes.

You have to make tough choices to reach out to your market, be in B2B or B2C. One of the choices relates to the content. It’s just like posing for a picture, you can show your best side, by showing your comparative advantages. It could be your products and their features, how they are made, the people who make them; or how they relate to the lives of the clients; or perhaps the values and issues that are important to your business. The right content might help you to choose the video type or subtype that suits you best. Your video can captivate your audience by being informative, whimsical, emotional, provocative, or incorporating an ‘Ahhh’ moment.

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So how can you differentiate yourself?

You know when you just catch something with peripheral vision and you instantly recognize the brand? That’s visual branding. A video is a perfect tool to extend the magic of your visual identity through the choice of colors and typography. What about a distinguished face to represent your business, be it an employee, a celebrity or an animated character?  Remember that with animated videos, you can easily choose different voices for different targeted markets. Even Siri has had several versions. We tend to choose the one we like and trust the most. (By the way, were you reading this article silently in your own voice or that of an actor?)


You want your video to be memorable.  The music used needn’t be an earworm, it just has to set the right mood. A good combination of the visuals and music creates the expected emotional response.

What about the other senses? The right visuals can trigger memories of distinct taste, smell, or tactile experience. The choice of colors can reveal a sense of temperature and the sense of motion is often involved. If these senses are an important part of your customers’ experience, make sure your video also conveys them. The genuine experience of your product can be reflected in so many different ways. Choosing slow motion, or giving the authentic or augmented soundscape of your product can result in increased emotional response in your targeted audience.

Your unique care for customers can be reflected in offering a greater choice of videos. You can make shorter and longer versions, or a series of videos. Don’t forget that your identity is not reflected only in the video, but also in its promotion: hashtags can reflect your company’s perceived identity, be it playful or global issues-oriented. Even if your video won’t be winning awards, you have great chances of beating your competition. Video is about communication. It’s about customer experience. This part is as important as creating and promoting the video.  Humanize your brand, get closer to the customers, so that they could better relate to you and your product. Make the videos interactive, let the people subscribe, repeat a segment of the video, forward to a point, apart yourself from other companies by using videos…. It’s more than just liking it and sharing.


If your competition has done a really good job with their videos, you should consider taking yours to the next level. Why not turn your video into a free app or online game? Whatever your strategy is to distinguish yourself, remember to communicate and know your customers’ needs and habits.

What are your greatest concerns when considering a new video?  Please leave us a comment.  And feel free to share it.


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